Mediation by Tilted Balancing (MED)
Nonparametric estimation and inference for natural direct and indirect effects by Chan, Imai, Yam and Zhang (2016) <arXiv:1601.03501>.

Visualise Clusterings at Different Resolutions (clustree)
Deciding what resolution to use can be a difficult question when approaching a clustering analysis. One way to approach this problem is to look at how samples move as the number of clusters increases. This package allows you to produce clustering trees, a visualisation for interrogating clusterings as resolution increases.

Ranked Set Sampling (RSSampling)
Ranked set sampling (RSS) is introduced as an advanced method for data collection which is substantial for the statistical and methodological analysis in scientific studies by McIntyre (1952) (reprinted in 2005) <doi:10.1198/000313005X54180>. This package introduces the first package that implements the RSS and its modified versions for sampling. With ‘RSSampling’, the researchers can sample with basic RSS and the modified versions, namely, Median RSS, Extreme RSS, Percentile RSS, Balanced groups RSS, Double RSS, L-RSS, Truncation-based RSS, Robust extreme RSS. The ‘RSSampling’ also allows imperfect ranking using an auxiliary variable (concomitant) which is widely used in the real life applications. Applicants can also use this package for parametric and nonparametric inference such as mean, median and variance estimation, regression analysis and some distribution-free tests where the the samples are obtained via basic RSS.