Turn Geospatial Polygons into Regular or Hexagonal Grids (geogrid)
Turn irregular polygons (such as geographical regions) into regular or hexagonal grids. This package enables the generation of regular (square) and hexagonal grids through the package ‘sp’ and then assigns the content of the existing polygons to the new grid using the Hungarian algorithm, Kuhn (1955) (<doi:10.1007/978-3-540-68279-0_2>). This prevents the need for manual generation of hexagonal grids or regular grids that are supposed to reflect existing geography.

Automatic Tail Recursion Optimisation (tailr)
Implements meta-programming functions for automatically translating recursive functions into looping functions or trampolines.

Easy Dockerfile Creation (dockerfiler)
Build a Dockerfile straight from your R session. ‘dockerfiler’ allows you to create step by step a Dockerfile, and provides convenient tools to wrap R code inside this Dockerfile.

Reinsurance Treaties Application (reinsureR)
Application of reinsurance treaties to claims portfolios. The package creates a class Claims whose objective is to store claims and premiums, on which different treaties can be applied. A statistical analysis can then be applied to measure the impact of reinsurance, producing a table or graphical output. This package can be used for estimating the impact of reinsurance on several portfolios or for pricing treaties through statistical analysis. Documentation for the implemented methods can be found in ‘Reinsurance: Actuarial and Statistical Aspects’ by Hansjöerg Albrecher, Jan Beirlant, Jozef L. Teugels (2017, ISBN: 978-0-470-77268-3) and ‘REINSURANCE: A Basic Guide to Facultative and Treaty Reinsurance’ by Munich Re (2010) <https://…/reinsurance_basic_guide.pdf>.

Language Server Protocol (languageserver)
An implementation of the Language Server Protocol for R. The Language Server protocol is used by an editor client to integrate features like auto completion. See <https://…/language-server-protocol> for details.