Enhanced Command History Tracking for R Sessions and Dynamic Documents (histry)
Automatically tracks and makes programmatically available code evaluation history in R sessions and dynamic documents.

Smooth-Rough Partitioning of the Regression Coefficients (srp)
Performs the change-point detection in regression coefficients of linear model by partitioning the regression coefficients into two classes of smoothness. The change-point and the regression coefficients are jointly estimated.

Continuous Development Models for Incremental Time-Series Analysis (phenoCDM)
Using the Bayesian state-space approach, we developed a continuous development model to quantify dynamic incremental changes in the response variable. While the model was originally developed for daily changes in forest green-up, the model can be used to predict any similar process. The CDM can capture both timing and rate of nonlinear processes. Unlike statics methods, which aggregate variations into a single metric, our dynamic model tracks the changing impacts over time. The CDM accommodates nonlinear responses to variation in predictors, which changes throughout development.