Correcting False Discovery Rates (CorrectedFDR)
There are many estimators of false discovery rate. In this package we compute the Nonlocal False Discovery Rate (NFDR) and the estimators of local false discovery rate: Corrected False discovery Rate (CFDR), Re-ranked False Discovery rate (RFDR) and the blended estimator. Bickel, D. R. (2016) <http://…/34277>.

Semantic Annotation and Discoverability System for R-Based Artifacts (trackr)
Automatically annotates R-based artifacts with relevant descriptive and provenance-related and provides a backend-agnostic storage and discoverability system for organizing, retrieving, and interrogating such artifacts.

Plotting Lorenz Curve with the Blessing of ‘ggplot2’ (gglorenz)
Provides statistical transformations for plotting empirical ordinary Lorenz curve (Lorenz 1905) <doi:10.2307/2276207> and generalized Lorenz curve (Shorrocks 1983) <doi:10.2307/2554117>.