Regularized Greedy Forest (RGF)
Regularized Greedy Forest wrapper of the ‘Regularized Greedy Forest’ <https://…/rgf_python> ‘python’ package, which also includes a Multi-core implementation (FastRGF) <https://…/fast_rgf>.

Optimal Classification Roll Call Analysis Software (oc)
Estimates optimal classification (Poole 2000) <doi:10.1093/oxfordjournals.pan.a029814> scores from roll call votes supplied though a ‘rollcall’ object from package ‘pscl’.

Comprehensive Library for Working with Missing (NA) Values in Vectors (
This comprehensive toolkit provide a consistent and extensible framework for working with missing values in vectors. The companion package ‘tidyimpute’ provides similar functionality for list-like and table-like structures). Functions exist for detection, removal, replacement, imputation, recollection, etc. of ‘NAs’.