Sample Size Determination for Longitudinal Designs with Binary Outcome (ssrm.logmer)
Provides the necessary sample size for a longitudinal study with binary outcome in order to attain a pre-specified power while strictly maintaining the Type I error rate. Kapur K, Bhaumik R, Tang XC, Hur K, Reda DJ, Bhaumik D (2014) <doi:10.1002/sim.6203>.

Open Data Kit’ (‘ODK’) R API (odkr)
Utility functions for working with datasets gathered using ‘Open Data Kit’ (‘ODK’) <https://…/>. These include an API to interface with ‘ODK Briefcase’, a ‘Java’ application for fetching and pushing ‘ODK’ forms and their contents, that allows pulling of data from either a remote ‘ODK Aggregate Server’ or a local ‘ODK’ folder, a rename function to give more human readable variable names for ‘ODK’ datasets, a merge function to create a single dataframe from a nested ‘ODK’ dataset and an expand function to disaggregate multiple choice answers that have been collapsed into single code by ‘ODK’.

Comparing Nonlinear Curves and Surface Estimations by Semiparametric Methods (gamm4.test)
To compare nonlinear curves and surface estimations between groups using semiparametric methods for cross-sectional and longitudinal dataset.