Cluster Analysis ‘OpenBudgets’ (Cluster.OBeu)
Estimate and return the needed parameters for visualisations designed for ‘OpenBudgets’ <http://…/> data. Calculate cluster analysis measures in budget data of municipalities across Europe, according to the ‘OpenBudgets’ data model. It involves a set of techniques and algorithms used to find and divide the data into groups of similar observations. Also, can be used generally to extract visualisation parameters convert them to ‘JSON’ format and use them as input in a different graphical interface.

Co-Expression Differential Network Analysis (CoDiNA)
Categorize links from multiple networks in 3 categories: Common links (alpha) specific links (gamma), and different links (beta). Also categorizes the links into sub-categories and groups. The package includes a visualization tool for the networks. More information about the methodology can be found at: Gysi et. al., 2018 <arXiv:1802.00828>.

A ‘Teradata’ Backend for ‘dplyr’ (dplyr.teradata)
A ‘Teradata’ backend for ‘dplyr’. It makes it possible to operate ‘Teradata’ database <https://…/> in the same way as manipulating data frames with ‘dplyr’.