Extension Package to ‘mice’ (miceExt)
Extends and builds on the ‘mice’ package by adding a functionality to perform multivariate predictive mean matching on imputed data as well as new functionalities to perform predictive mean matching on factor variables.

Bayesian IRT Ideal Point Models with ‘Stan’ (idealstan)
Offers item-response theory (IRT) ideal-point scaling/dimension reduction methods that incorporate additional response categories and missing/censored values, including absences and abstentions, for roll call voting data (or any other kind of binary or ordinal item-response theory data). Full and approximate Bayesian inference is done via the ‘Stan’ engine (www.mc-stan.org).

Connect to ‘Google Cloud Print’ API (googlePrintr)
Allows printing documents from R through ‘Google Cloud Print’ API. See <https://…/overview> for more information about ‘Google Cloud Print’.