SEO Related Analyses (seoR)
Help SEOs (Search Engine Optimization) retrieve relevant informations from various APIs or websites. It is possible to scrape SEO-relevant parts of a website. So you are able to extract links, meta-tags, h-tags, and many more. The package also provides functions to scrape informations form search engines. Like indexed pages, number of results for a given keyword or complete search results. The third part of the package are the SEO-Tool APIs, that are connected. It’s possible to get Informations from ‘Whois’, ‘Google Pagespeed’ and many more direct in R.

Self-Determination Theory Measures (SDT)
Functions for self-determination motivation theory (SDT) to compute measures of motivation internalization, motivation simplex structure, and of the original and adjusted self-determination or relative autonomy index. SDT was introduced by Deci and Ryan (1985) <doi:10.1007/978-1-4899-2271-7>. See package?SDT for an overview.

Spatial Statistic with Kriging (KRIG)
Implements different methods for spatial statistics, in particular focused in Kriging based models. We count with different implemented models, simple, ordinary and universal forms of Kriging, co-Kriging and regression Kriging models. Includes, multivariate sensitivity analysis under an approximation designed over reproducing kernel Hilbert spaces and computation of Sobol indexes under this framework.

Read and Write ‘SAS’ ‘XPORT’ Files (SASxport)
Functions for reading, listing the contents of, and writing ‘SAS’ ‘xport’ format files. The functions support reading and writing of either individual data frames or sets of data frames. Further, a mechanism has been provided for customizing how variables of different data types are stored.

WebDriver’ Client for ‘PhantomJS’ (webdriver)
A client for the ‘WebDriver’ ‘API’. It allows driving a (probably headless) web browser, and can be used to test web applications, including ‘Shiny’ apps. In theory it works with any ‘WebDriver’ implementation, but it was only tested with ‘PhantomJS’.