Biological Image Analysis (Bioi)
Single linkage clustering and connected component analyses are often performed on biological images. ‘Bioi’ provides a set of functions for performing these tasks. This functionality is implemented in several key functions that can extend to from 1 to many dimensions. The single linkage clustering method implemented here can be used on n-dimensional data sets, while connected component analyses are limited to 3 or fewer dimensions.

Greedy Set Cover (RcppGreedySetCover)
A fast implementation of the greedy algorithm for the set cover problem using ‘Rcpp’.

k-Nearest Neighbor Join for Spatial Data (nngeo)
K-nearest neighbor search for projected and non-projected ‘sf’ spatial layers. Nearest neighbor search uses (1) function nn2() from package ‘RANN’ for projected point data, or (2) function st_distance() from package ‘sf’ for other types of spatial data.

Reading and Background Subtraction in Videos (Rbgs)
Methods that allow video reading and loading in R. Also provides nine different methods for background subtraction.

Print Tabular Data to Graphics Device (dprint)
Provides a generalized method for printing tabular data within the R environment in order to make the process of presenting high quality tabular output seamless for the user. Output is directed to the R graphics device so that tables can be exported to any file format supported by the graphics device. Utilizes a formula interface to specify the contents of tables often found in manuscripts or business reports. In addition, formula interface provides inline formatting of the numeric cells of a table and renaming column labels.