Tidy Statistical Inference (infer)
The objective of this package is to perform inference using an expressive statistical grammar that coheres with the tidy design framework.

Stratified and Personalised Models Based on Model-Based Trees and Forests (model4you)
Model-based trees for subgroup analyses in clinical trials and model-based forests for the estimation and prediction of personalised treatment effects (personalised models). Currently partitioning of linear models, lm(), generalised linear models, glm(), and Weibull models, survreg(), is supported. Advanced plotting functionality is supported for the trees and a test for parameter heterogeneity is provided for the personalised models. For details on model-based trees for subgroup analyses see Seibold, Zeileis and Hothorn (2016) <doi:10.1515/ijb-2015-0032>; for details on model-based forests for estimation of individual treatment effects see Seibold, Zeileis and Hothorn (2017) <doi:10.1177/0962280217693034>.

Interface to ‘TensorFlow’ Datasets (tfdatasets)
Interface to ‘TensorFlow’ Datasets, a high-level library for building complex input pipelines from simple, re-usable pieces. See <https://…/datasets> for additional details.

A Client for the ‘Pivotal Tracker’ API (pivotaltrackR)
Pivotal Tracker’ <https://www.pivotaltracker.com> is a project management software-as-a-service that provides a REST API. This package provides an R interface to that API, allowing you to query it and work with its responses.

Encoding Coordinates into ‘Google’ Polylines (googlePolylines)
Encodes simple feature (‘sf’) objects and coordinates using the ‘Google’ polyline encoding algorithm (<https://…/polylinealgorithm> ).