Bullwhip Effect Demo in Shiny (bullwhipgame)
The bullwhipgame is an educational game that has as purpose the illustration and exploration of the bullwhip effect,i.e, the increase in demand variability along the supply chain. Marchena Marlene (2010) <arXiv:1009.3977>.

Analyzing Partial Rankings in Networks (netrankr)
Implements methods for centrality related analyses of networks. While the package includes the possibility to build more than 20 indices, its main focus lies on index-free assessment of centrality via partial rankings obtained by neighborhood-inclusion or positional dominance. These partial rankings can be analyzed with different methods, including probabilistic methods like computing expected node ranks and relative rank probabilities (how likely is it that a node is more central than another?). The methodology is described in depth in the vignettes and in Schoch (2018) <doi:10.1016/j.socnet.2017.12.003>.

Efficient Selection of Undirected Graphical Models for High-Dimensional Datasets (gRapHD)
Performs efficient selection of high-dimensional undirected graphical models as described in Abreu, Edwards and Labouriau (2010) <doi:10.18637/jss.v037.i01>. Provides tools for selecting trees, forests and decomposable models minimizing information criteria such as AIC or BIC, and for displaying the independence graphs of the models. It has also some useful tools for analysing graphical structures. It supports the use of discrete, continuous, or both types of variables.

Java’ Data Exchange for ‘R’ and ‘rJava’ (jdx)
Simplifies and extends data exchange between ‘R’ and ‘Java’.