Wish Christmas with R

This post is dedicated to all the R Lovers…Flaunt your knowledge of R programming in your peer group with the following code.

DeepSchool.io: Deep Learning Learning

DeepSchool.io is an open-source, community based project to teach the A-Z of Deep Learning (DL). All lessons are interactive and (hopefully) funny, occasionally taking jabs at Mr. Trump (check out this notebook on Trump Tweets). This project came out of a weekly class that I did at Arbor Networks where I work as a Data Scientist.

A Simple Intro to Q-Learning in R: Floor Plan Navigation

This example is drawn from “A Painless Q-Learning Tutorial” at http://…/path-finding-q-learning-tutorial.htm which explains how to manually calculate iterations using the updating equation for Q-Learning, based on the Bellman Equation.