Deploy cutting-edge sentiment analysis techniques to real-world social media data using R
There’s probably no better place to gain behavioral insights than through social media, but analyzing the mass of data is often difficult. With this book you’ll learn to employ the latest techniques and processes using R.
• Learn how to face the challenges of analyzing social media data
• Get hands-on experience with the most common, up-to-date sentiment analysis tools and apply them to data collected from social media websites through a series of in-depth case studies, which includes how to mine Twitter data
• A focused guide to help you achieve practical results when interpreting social media data
What you will learn from this book
• Learn the basics of R and all the data types
• Explore the vast expanse of social science research
• Discover more about data potential, the pitfalls, and inferential gotchas
• Gain an insight into the concepts of supervised and unsupervised learning
• Familiarize yourself with visualization and some cognitive pitfalls
• Delve into exploratory data analysis
• Understand the minute details of sentiment analysis