with Applications using R
Customer survey studies deals with customers, consumers and usersatisfaction from a product or service. In practice, many of thecustomer surveys conducted by business and industry are analyzed ina very simple way, without using models or statistical methods.Typical reports include descriptive statistics and basic graphicaldisplays. As demonstrated in this book, integrating such basicanalysis with more advanced tools, provides insights on non-obviouspatterns and important relationships between the survey variables.This knowledge can significantly affect the conclusions derivedfrom a survey. Key features:
• Provides an integrated, case-studies based approach toanalysing customer survey data.
• Presents a general introduction to customer surveys, within anorganization s business cycle.
• Contains classical techniques with modern and non standardtools.
• Focuses on probabilistic techniques from the area ofstatistics/data analysis and covers all major recentdevelopments.
• Accompanied by a supporting website containing datasets and Rscripts.
Customer survey specialists, quality managers and marketresearchers will benefit from this book as well as specialists inmarketing, data mining and business intelligence fields.