Shadow Text Grob and Layer (shadowtext)
Implement shadowtextGrob() for ‘grid’ and geom_shadowtext() layer for ‘ggplot2’. These functions create/draw text grob with background shadow.

Identify Event Sequences Using Time Series Joins (constellation)
Examine any number of time series data frames to identify instances in which various criteria are met within specified time frames. In clinical medicine, these types of events are often called ‘constellations of signs and symptoms’, because a single condition depends on a series of events occurring within a certain amount of time of each other. This package was written to work with any number of time series data frames and is optimized for speed to work well with data frames with millions of rows.

Collapses Levels, Computes Information Value and WoE (CollapseLevels)
Provides functions to collapse levels of an attribute based on response rates. It also provides functions to compute and display information value, and weight of evidence (WoE) for the attributes, and to convert numeric variables to categorical ones by binning. These functions only work for binary classification problems.