Bayesian Model to Find Changepoints Based on Rates and Count Data (PieceExpIntensity)
This function fits a reversible jump Bayesian piecewise exponential model that also includes the intensity of each event considered along with the rate of events.

Early Testing for a Treatment Effect using Surrogate Marker Information (SurrogateTest)
Provides functions to test for a treatment effect in terms of the difference in survival between a treatment group and a control group using surrogate marker information obtained at some early time point in a time-to-event outcome setting. Nonparametric kernel estimation is used to estimate the test statistic and perturbation resampling is used for variance estimation. More details will be available in the future in: Parast L, Cai T, Tian L (2017) ‘Using a Surrogate Marker for Early Testing of a Treatment Effect’ (under review).

Utils and ‘RStudio’ Addins to Make Testing Even More Fun (testthis)
Utility functions and ‘RStudio’ addins to ease the life of people using ‘testthat’, ‘devtools’ and ‘usethis’ in their package development workflow. Hotkeyable addins are provided for such common tasks as switching between a source file and an associated test file, or running unit tests in a single file. ‘testthis’ also provides utility function to manage and run tests in subdirectories of the test/testthat directory.