Random Sampling Distribution C++ Routines for Armadillo (rgen)
Provides popular sampling distributions C++ routines based in armadillo through a header file approach.

Sparsed Sliced Inverse Regression via Lasso (LassoSIR)
Estimate the sufficient dimension reduction space using sparsed sliced inverse regression via Lasso (Lasso-SIR) introduced in Lin, Zhao, and Liu (2017) <arxiv:1611.06655>. The Lasso-SIR is consistent and achieve the optimal convergence rate under certain sparsity conditions for the multiple index models.

Securely Use Credentials Within R Scripts (rcreds)
Tools to write a list of credentials to an encrypted file and later read from that file into R. The goal is to have a useful alternative to including username/passwords as part of a script or even stored in the clear in a separate text file. Additional tools provided which are specific for connecting to a database.