Quickly and Neatly Collect Arguments from One Environment to Pass to Another (collectArgs)
We often want to take all (or most) of the objects in one environment (such as the parameter values of a function) and pass them to another. This might be calling a second function, or iterating over a list, calling the same function. These functions wrap often repeated code. Current stable version (committed on October 14, 2017).

Adaptive SURE Thresholding Using Side Information (asus)
Provides the ASUS procedure for estimating a high dimensional sparse parameter in the presence of auxiliary data that encode side information on sparsity. It is a robust data combination procedure in the sense that even when pooling non-informative auxiliary data ASUS would be at least as efficient as competing soft thresholding based methods that do not use auxiliary data. For more information, please see the website <http://…/ASUS.htm> and the accompanying paper.

Automatically Write Beautifully Formatted Cross Tabulations/Contingency Tables to Excel (xltabr)
Writes beautifully formatted cross tabulations to Excel using ‘openxlsx’. It has been developed to help automate the process of publishing Official Statistics. The user provides a dataframe, which is outputted to Excel with various types of rich formatting which are automatically detected from the structure of the cross tabulation. Documentation can be found at the following url <https://…/xltabr>.