Business Intelligence and Analytics (BI&A) is the process of extracting and predicting business-critical insights from data. Traditional BI focused on data collection, extraction, and organization to enable efficient query processing for deriving insights from historical data. With the rise of big data and cloud computing, there are many challenges and opportunities for the BI. Especially with the growing number of data sources, traditional BI\&A are evolving to provide intelligence at different scales and perspectives – operational BI, situational BI, self-service BI. In this survey, we review the evolution of business intelligence systems in full scale from back-end architecture to and front-end applications. We focus on the changes in the back-end architecture that deals with the collection and organization of the data. We also review the changes in the front-end applications, where analytic services and visualization are the core components. Using a uses case from BI in Healthcare, which is one of the most complex enterprises, we show how BI\&A will play an important role beyond the traditional usage. The survey provides a holistic view of Business Intelligence and Analytics for anyone interested in getting a complete picture of the different pieces in the emerging next generation BI\&A solutions. Next Generation Business Intelligence and Analytics: A Survey