Third Edition
Like the best-selling first two editions, A Handbook of Statistical Analyses using R, Third Edition provides an up-to-date guide to data analysis using the R system for statistical computing. The book explains how to conduct a range of statistical analyses, from simple inference to recursive partitioning to cluster analysi. New to the Third Edition
•Three new chapters on quantile regression, missing values, and Bayesian inference
•Extra material in the logistic regression chapter that describes a regression model for ordered categorical response variables
•Additional exercises
•More detailed explanations of R code
•New section in each chapter summarizing the results of the analyses
•Updated version of the HSAUR package (HSAUR3), which includes some slides that can be used in introductory statistics courses
Whether you’re a data analyst, scientist, or student, this handbook shows you how to easily use R to effectively evaluate your data. With numerous real-world examples, it emphasizes the practical application and interpretation of results.