Object Pooling (pool)
Enables the creation of object pools, which make it less computationally expensive to fetch a new object. Currently the only supported pooled objects are ‘DBI’ connections.

Tidyverse-Compatible Bootstrapping (tidyboot)
Compute arbitrary non-parametric bootstrap statistics on data in tidy data frames.

Create Visual Predictive Checks (vpc)
Visual predictive checks are a commonly used diagnostic plot in pharmacometrics, showing how certain statistics (percentiles) for observed data compare to those same statistics for data simulated from a model. The package can generate VPCs for continuous, categorical, censored, and (repeated) time-to-event data.

Enables Importing/Loadig of Packages or Functions While Creating an Alias for Them (importar)
Enables ‘Python’-like importing/loading of packages or functions with aliasing to prevent namespace conflicts.

Construct Rich Tables for Output to ‘HTML’/’Excel’ (basictabler)
Easily create tables from data frames/matrices. Create/manipulate tables row-by-row, column-by-column or cell-by-cell. Use common formatting/styling to output rich tables as ‘HTML’, ‘HTML widgets’ or to ‘Excel’.

Fit Repeated Linear Regressions (fRLR)
When fitting a set of linear regressions which have some same variables, we can separate the matrix and reduce the computation cost. This package aims to fit a set of repeated linear regressions faster. More details can be found in this blog Lijun Wang (2017) <https://…/>.