Gui for Simulating Time Series (tsgui)
This gui shows realisations of times series, currently ARMA and GARCH processes. It might be helpful for teaching and studying.

Sample Size Calculation for Mean and Proportion Comparisons in Phase 3 Clinical Trials (SampleSize4ClinicalTrials)
The design of phase 3 clinical trials can be classified into 4 types: (1) Testing for equality;(2) Superiority trial;(3) Non-inferiority trial; and (4) Equivalence trial according to the goals. Given that none of the available packages combines these designs in a single package, this package has made it possible for researchers to calculate sample size when comparing means or proportions in phase 3 clinical trials with different designs. The ssc function can calculate the sample size with pre-specified type 1 error rate,statistical power and effect size according to the hypothesis testing framework. Furthermore, effect size is comprised of true treatment difference and non-inferiority or equivalence margins which can be set in ssc function. (Reference: Yin, G. (2012). Clinical Trial Design: Bayesian and Frequentist Adaptive Methods. John Wiley & Sons.)

Rcmdr’ Plugin for Alpha-Sutte Indicator ‘sutteForecastR’ (RcmdrPlugin.sutteForecastR)
The ‘sutteForecastR’ is a package of Alpha-Sutte indicator. To make the ‘sutteForecastR’ user friendly, so we develop an ‘Rcmdr’ plug-in based on the Alpha-Sutte indicator function.

Simulation Studies with Stan (rstansim)
Provides a set of functions to facilitate and ease the running of simulation studies of Bayesian models using ‘stan’. Provides functionality to simulate data, fit models, and manage simulation results.

Credit Risk Scorecard (scorecard)
Makes the development of credit risk scorecard easily and efficiently by providing functions such as information value, variable filter, optimal woe binning, scorecard scaling and performance evaluation etc. The references including: 1. Refaat, M. (2011, ISBN: 9781447511199). Credit Risk Scorecard: Development and Implementation Using SAS. 2. Siddiqi, N. (2006, ISBN: 9780471754510). Credit risk scorecards. Developing and Implementing Intelligent Credit Scoring.

An Orthogonality Constrained Optimization Approach for Semi-Parametric Dimension Reduction Problems (orthoDr)
Utilize an orthogonality constrained optimization algorithm of Wen & Yin (2013) <DOI:10.1007/s10107-012-0584-1> to solve a variety of dimension reduction problems in the semiparametric framework, such as Ma & Zhu (2013) <DOI:10.1214/12-AOS1072>, and Sun, Zhu, Wang & Zeng (2017) <arXiv:1704.05046>. It also serves as a general purpose optimization solver for problems with orthogonality constraints.