Interface to the Knoema API (Knoema)
Knoema’ has the largest collection of public data and statistics on the Internet featuring about 2.5 billion time series from thousands of sources. Using ‘Knoema’ API users can access the data in the ‘Knoema’ repository and use rich R calculations in order to analyze the data. Because data in ‘Knoema’ is time series data, ‘Knoema’ function offers data in a number of formats usable in R such as ‘ts’, ‘xts’ or ‘zoo’. For more information about ‘Knoema’ API go to <https://…/docs>.

Plotting N-T Plane for Decision on Performing an Interim Analysis (IAbin)
In randomized-controlled trials, interim analyses are often planned for possible early trial termination to claim superiority or futility of a new therapy. Blinded data also have information about the potential treatment difference between the groups. We developed a blinded data monitoring tool that enables investigators to predict whether they observe such an unblinded interim analysis results that supports early termination of the trial. Investigators may skip some of the planned interim analyses if an early termination is unlikely. This tool will provide reference information about N: Sample size at interim analysis, and T: Total number of responders at interim analysis for decision on performing an interim analysis.

Spatial Predictive Modeling (spm)
Introduction to some novel accurate hybrid methods of geostatistical and machine learning methods for spatial predictive modelling. It contains two commonly used geostatistical methods, two machine learning methods, four hybrid methods and two averaging methods. For each method, two functions are provided. One function is for assessing the predictive errors and accuracy of the method based on cross-validation. The other one is for generating spatial predictions using the method. For details please see: Li, J., Potter, A., Huang, Z., Daniell, J. J. and Heap, A. (2010) <h…/gcat_71407> Li, J., Heap, A. D., Potter, A., Huang, Z. and Daniell, J. (2011) <doi:10.1016/j.csr.2011.05.015> Li, J., Heap, A. D., Potter, A. and Daniell, J. (2011) <doi:10.1016/j.envsoft.2011.07.004> Li, J., Potter, A., Huang, Z. and Heap, A. (2012) <h…/74030>.