Compare Two Data Frames and Summarise the Difference (dataCompareR)
Easy comparison of two tabular data objects in R. Specifically designed to show differences between two sets of data in a useful way that should make it easier to understand the differences, and if necessary, help you work out how to remedy them. Aims to offer a more useful output than all.equal() when your two data sets do not match, but isn’t intended to replace all.equal() as a way to test for equality.

Fitting Tails by the Empirical Residual Coefficient of Variation (ercv)
Provides a methodology simple and trustworthy for the analysis of extreme values and multiple threshold tests for a generalized Pareto distribution, together with an automatic threshold selection algorithm. See del Castillo, J, Daoudi, J and Lockhart, R (2014) <doi:10.1111/sjos.12037>.

Tools to Transform and Query Data with ‘Apache’ ‘Drill’ (sergeant)
Apache Drill’ is a low-latency distributed query engine designed to enable data exploration and ‘analytics’ on both relational and non-relational ‘datastores’, scaling to petabytes of data. Methods are provided that enable working with ‘Apache’ ‘Drill’ instances via the ‘REST’ ‘API’, ‘JDBC’ interface (optional), ‘DBI’ ‘methods’ and using ‘dplyr’/’dbplyr’ idioms.

Bayesian Nonparametric Spectral Density Estimation Using B-Spline Priors (bsplinePsd)
Implementation of a Metropolis-within-Gibbs MCMC algorithm to flexibly estimate the spectral density of a stationary time series. The algorithm updates a nonparametric B-spline prior using the Whittle likelihood to produce pseudo-posterior samples and is based on the work presented by Edwards, Meyer, and Christensen (2017) <arXiv:1707.04878>.

Find Graph Centrality Indices (centiserve)
Calculates centrality indices additional to the ‘igraph’ package centrality functions.