Stubbing and Setting Expectations on ‘HTTP’ Requests (webmockr)
Stubbing and setting expectations on ‘HTTP’ requests. Includes tools for stubbing ‘HTTP’ requests, including expected request conditions and response conditions. Match on ‘HTTP’ method, query parameters, request body, headers and more.

alabama’ Plugin for the ‘R’ Optimization Infrastructure (ROI.plugin.alabama)
Enhances the R Optimization Infrastructure (‘ROI’) package with the ‘alabama’ solver for solving nonlinear optimization problems.

Automated Linear Regression Diagnostic (lindia)
Provides a set of streamlined functions that allow easy generation of linear regression diagnostic plots necessarily for checking linear model assumptions. This package is meant for easy scheming of linear regression diagnostics, while preserving merits of ‘The Grammar of Graphics’ as implemented in ‘ggplot2’. See the ‘ggplot2’ website for more information regarding the specific capability of graphics.

R Wrapper to the spaCy NLP Library (spacyr)
An R wrapper to the ‘Python’ ‘spaCy’ ‘NLP’ library, from <>.

Power Analysis Tool for Joint Testing Hazards with Competing Risks Data (powerCompRisk)
A power analysis tool for jointly testing the cause-1 cause-specific hazard and the any-cause hazard with competing risks data.