Bayesian Network Structure Learning (BNSL)
From a given dataframe, this package learns its Bayesian network structure based on a selected score.

Read Text Out of Modern Office Files (readOffice)
Reads in text from ‘unstructured’ modern Microsoft Office files (XML based files) such as Word and PowerPoint. This does not read in structured data (from Excel or Access) as there are many other great packages to that do so already.

Environmental Probabilistic Risk Assessment Tools (EnviroPRA)
Methods to perform a Probabilistic Environmental Risk assessment from exposure to toxic substances – i.e. USEPA (1997) <https://…iding-principles-monte-carlo-analysis> -.

Multiplicative Interaction Models Diagnostics and Visualization (interflex)
Performs diagnostic tests of multiplicative interaction models and plots non-linear marginal effects of a treatment on an outcome across different values of a moderator.

A Fast and Versatile SVM Package (liquidSVM)
Support vector machines (SVMs) and related kernel-based learning algorithms are a well-known class of machine learning algorithms, for non- parametric classification and regression. liquidSVM is an implementation of SVMs whose key features are: fully integrated hyper-parameter selection, extreme speed on both small and large data sets, inclusion of a variety of different classification and regression scenarios, and full flexibility for experts.