World Vector Map Data from Natural Earth Used in ‘rnaturalearth’ (rnaturalearthdata)
Vector map data from <http://…/>. Access functions are provided in the accompanying package ‘rnaturalearth’.

Allow Access to the ‘Dlib’ C++ Library (dlib)
Interface for ‘Rcpp’ users to ‘dlib’ <> which is a ‘C++’ toolkit containing machine learning algorithms and computer vision tools. It is used in a wide range of domains including robotics, embedded devices, mobile phones, and large high performance computing environments. This package allows R users to use ‘dlib’ through ‘Rcpp’.

A Local Deployment Framework for Shiny Apps (RInno)
Deploys local shiny apps using Inno Setup, an open source software that builds installers for Windows programs <http://…/>.

Geographic Information System Application (RSurvey)
A geographic information system (GIS) graphical user interface (GUI) that provides data viewing, management, and analysis tools.

Fit Univariate Distributions (fitur)
Wrapper for computing parameters and then assigning to distribution function families.