Joint Modelling of Multivariate Longitudinal Data and Time-to-Event Outcomes (joineRML)
Fits the joint model proposed by Henderson and colleagues (2000) <doi:10.1093/biostatistics/1.4.465>, but extended to the case of multiple continuous longitudinal measures. The time-to-event data is modelled using a Cox proportional hazards regression model with time-varying covariates. The multiple longitudinal outcomes are modelled using a multivariate version of the Laird and Ware linear mixed model. The association is captured by a multivariate latent Gaussian process. The model is estimated using a Monte Carlo Expectation Maximization algorithm. This project is funded by the Medical Research Council (Grant number MR/M013227/1).

High Performance Implementation of the Naive Bayes Algorithm (naivebayes)
High performance implementation of the Naive Bayes algorithm.

Bayesian Tensor Factorization (tensorBF)
Bayesian Tensor Factorization for decomposition of tensor data sets using the trilinear CANDECOMP/PARAFAC (CP) factorization, with automatic component selection. The complete data analysis pipeline is provided, including functions and recommendations for data normalization and model definition, as well as missing value prediction and model visualization. The method performs factorization for three-way tensor datasets and the inference is implemented with Gibbs sampling.

Microsoft(r)-Inspired Color Palettes (Redmonder)
Provide color schemes for maps (and other graphics) based on the color palettes of several Microsoft(r) products. Forked from ‘RColorBrewer’ v1.1-2.

Lightweight Sparklines for a LaTeX Document (ltxsparklines)
Sparklines are small plots (about one line of text high), made popular by Edward Tufte. This package is the interface from R to the LaTeX package sparklines by Andreas Loeffer and Dan Luecking (http://…/sparklines ). It can work with Sweave or knitr or other engines that produce TeX. The package can be used to plot vectors, matrices, data frames, time series (in ts or zoo format).

Plotting Methods for ‘simmer’ (simmer.plot)
A set of plotting methods for ‘simmer’ trajectories and simulations.