Thematic Map Tools (tmaptools)
Set of tools for reading and processing spatial data. The aim is to supply the workflow to create thematic maps. This package also facilitates tmap, the package for visualizing thematic maps.

Log-Binomial Regression with Constrained Optimization (lbreg)
Maximum likelihood estimation of log-binomial regression with special functionality when the MLE is on (or close to) the boundary of the parameter space.

Functions to Select and Rename Data (colr)
Powerful functions to select and rename columns in dataframes, lists and numeric types by ‘Perl’ regular expression. Regular expression (‘regex’) are a very powerful grammar to match strings, such as column names.

Interface for Loading Datasets (datasets.load)
Visual interface for loading datasets in RStudio from all installed (unloaded) packages.

An Easy Way to Descriptive Analysis (easyDes)
Descriptive analysis is essential for publishing medical articles. This package provides an easy way to conduct the descriptive analysis. 1. Both numeric and factor variables can be handled. For numeric variables, normality test will be applied to choose the parametric and nonparametric test. 2. Both two or more groups can be handled. For groups more than two, the post hoc test will be applied, ‘Tukey’ for the numeric variables and ‘FDR’ for the factor variables. 3. ANOVA or Fisher test can be forced to apply.

Displays User Feedback Next to Shiny Inputs (shinyFeedback)
Easily display user feedback next to Shiny inputs. The feedback message is displayed when the feedback condition evaluates to TRUE.