The blogs in the category “ArXiv Papers” titled “Whats new on arXiv” are based on (daily) publications of the arXiv server.

Because there are a lot of different categories for the papers it makes sense to filter on specific categories relevant for our context.

The current categories of papers considered for the “ArXiv Papers” blog category are:


stat.AP Statistics Applications
stat.ML Statistics Machine Learning
stat.ME Statistics Methodology
stat.TH Statistics Theory
stat.CO Statistics Computation
cs.AI Computer Science Artificial Intelligence
cs.CL Computer Science Computation and Language
cs.CC Computer Science Computational Complexity
cs.GT Computer Science Computer Science and Game Theory
cs.CV Computer Science Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition
cs.DS Computer Science Data Structures and Algorithms
cs.DC Computer Science Distributed; Parallel; and Cluster Computing
cs.IR Computer Science Information Retrieval
cs.IT Computer Science Information Theory
cs.LG Computer Science Learning
cs.MA Computer Science Multiagent Systems
cs.NE Computer Science Neural and Evolutionary Computing
cs.NA Computer Science Numerical Analysis
nlin.AO Nonlinear Sciences Adaptation and Self-Organizing Systems
nlin.CG Nonlinear Sciences Cellular Automata and Lattice Gases
math.CO Mathematics Combinatorics
math.OC Mathematics Optimization and Control
math.PR Mathematics Probability
math.ST Mathematics Statistics
cond-mat.dis-nn Physics Disordered Systems and Neural Networks Physics Data Analysis; Statistics and Probability

I am going through the resulting list of papers and choose the ones which are of general interest for a broader audience. For those papers the abstract is added, the rest of papers is just listed by title.

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