ggplot2 themes examples

This short post is exactly what it seems: a showcase of all ggplot2 themes available within the ggplot2 package. I was doing such a list for myself (you know that feeling …”how would it look like with this theme? let’s try this one…”) and at the end I thought it could have be useful for my readers. At least this post will save you the time of trying all different themes just to have a sense of how they look like.

How Convolutional Neural Networks Work

Nine times out of ten, when you hear about deep learning breaking a new technological barrier, Convolutional Neural Networks are involved. Also called CNNs or ConvNets, these are the workhorse of the deep neural network field. They have learned to sort images into categories even better than humans in some cases. If there’s one method out there that justifies the hype, it is CNNs. What’s especially cool about them is that they are easy to understand, at least when you break them down into their basic parts. I’ll walk you through it. There’s a video that talks through these images in greater detail. If at any point you get a bit lost, just click on an image and you’ll jump to that part of the video.

Smartphone brand loyalty and handset renewal analysis

If in this bussiness the handsets are the Knights, and the brands are the Lords, who is winning the battle? Despite the joke, the mobile handset market awareness is crucial for a mobile service provider in order to increase the sales, enhance the customer satisfaction and reduce the churn. The days when the customers only obtain their handsets from the provider are gone, now there are many other Lords on the battle (retail, amazon, ebay, etc). There is only one way to success: detect where the market is going, learn, and decide in consecuence.