Conditional Visualization for Statistical Models (condvis)
Exploring fitted model structures by interactively taking 2-D and 3-D sections in data space.
An Implementation of Rubin’s (1981) Bayesian Bootstrap (bayesboot)
Functions for performing the Bayesian bootstrap as introduced by Rubin (1981) <doi:10.1214/aos/1176345338> and for summarizing the result. The implementation can handle both summary statistics that works on a weighted version of the data and summary statistics that works on a resampled data set.
Local Polynomial Regression of State Dependent Covariates in State-Space Models (covafillr)
Facilitates local polynomial regression for state dependent covariates in state-space models. The functionality can also be used from ‘C++’ based model builder tools such as ‘Rcpp’/’inline’, ‘TMB’, or ‘JAGS’.