“The Last Mile of Analytics
1. Succeeding in Analytics and getting to the Last Mile of embedding Analytics in decision-making is not just about dealing with data. The journey from Data to Decisions requires one to look at how Analytics is operationalized in the business. And the missing piece that actually can drive or enable Analytics is not data but Culture. Can culture be enabled by Analytics?
2. To make Analytics actually a part of the Company culture, it’s not enough to have a set of people providing Analytics solutions. Analytics needs to be embedded in technology accelerators that can directly enable decisions at the point of action. This makes Analytics accountable for real business decisions rather than just providing more data.
3. Making Analytics work across the business requires collaboration and the right choice of Engagement Model which would vary based on the maturity of the organization and its decision-making, not its data needs. The business models could range from Products, Services, and Managed Solutions to Analytic Marketplaces. Unless the right business model is chosen, Analytics will remain a discrete project.”
Debleena Roy ( 30. July 2015 )