Keywords are commonly used for search engines and document databases to locate information and determine if two pieces of test are related to each other. Reading and summarizing the contents of large entries of text into a small set of topics is difficult and time consuming for a human, so much so that it becomes nearly impossible to accomplish with limited manpower as the size of the information grows. As a result, automated systems are being more commonly used to do this task. This problem is challenging due to the intricate complexities of natural lan- guage, as well as the inherent difficulty in determining if a word or set of words accurately represent topics present within the text. With the advent of the internet, there is now both a massive amount of information available, as well as a demand to be able to search through all of this information. Keyword extraction from text data is a common tool used by search engines and indexes alike to quickly categorize and locate specific data based on explicitly or implicitly supplied keywords. Survey of Keyword Extraction Techniques