Adjust Estimates of Learning for Guessing (guess)
Adjust Estimates of Learning for Guessing. The package provides standard guessing correction, and a latent class model that leverages informative pre-post transitions. For details of the latent class model, see <http://…/guess.pdf>.
Compute Sample Size that Meets Requirements for Average Power and FDR (FDRsampsize)
Defines a collection of functions to compute average power and sample size for studies that use the false discovery rate as the final measure of statistical significance.
Easy Loading and Installing of Packages (easypackages)
Easily load and install multiple packages from different sources, including CRAN and GitHub. The libraries function allows you to load or attach multiple packages in the same function call. The packages function will load one or more packages, and install any packages that are not installed on your system (after prompting you). Also included is a from_import function that allows you to import specific functions from a package into the global environment.