Learning Principal Graphs with DDRTree (DDRTree)
Project data into a reduced dimensional space and construct a principal graph from the reduced dimension.
Stochastic Model for Analysis of Longitudinal Data (stpm)
Utilities to estimate parameters of stochastic process and modeling survival trajectories and time-to-event outcomes observed from longitudinal studies. Miscellaneous function for data preparation is also provided. For more information, see: ‘Stochastic model for analysis of longitudinal data on aging and mortality’ by Yashin A. et al, 2007, Mathematical Biosciences, 208(2), 538-551 <DOI:10.1016/j.mbs.2006.11.006>.
Manipulation of Linear Systems of (in)Equalities (lintools)
Variable elimination (Gaussian elimination, Fourier-Motzkin elimination), Moore-Penrose pseudoinverse, reduction to reduced row echelon form, value substitution, projecting a vector on the convex polytope described by a system of (in)equations, removing spurious columns and rows and collapse implied equalities.