A.) Form the complete undirected graph H on the vertex set V.
B.) For each pair of vertices A and B, if there exists a subset S of V such that A and B are d-separated given S, remove the edge between A and B from H.
C.) Let K be the undirected graph resulting from step B). For each triple of vertices A B, and C such that the pair A and B and the pair B and C are each adjacent in K (written as A – B – C) but the pair A and C are not adjacent in K, orient A – B – C as A -> B <- C if and only if there is no subset S of {B} È V that d-separates A and C.
D.) repeat
• If A -> B, B and C are adjacent, A and C are not adjacent, and there is no arrowhead at B, then orient B – C as B -> C.
• If there is a directed path from A to B, and an edge between A and B, then orient A – B as A -> B.
until no more edges can be oriented. …
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