Herein this paper is presented a novel invention – called Dpush – that enables truly scalable spam resistant uncensorable automatically encrypted and inherently authenticated messaging; thus restoring our ability to exert our right to private communication, and thus a step forward in restoring an uncorrupted democracy. Using a novel combination of a distributed hash table (DHT) and a proof of work (POW), combined in a way that can only be called a synergy, the emergent property of a scalable and spam resistant unsolicited messaging protocol elegantly emerges. Notable is that the receiver does not need to be online at the time the message is sent. This invention is already implemented and operating within the package that is called MORPHiS – which is a Sybil resistant enhanced Kademlia DHT implementation combined with an already functioning implementation of Dpush, as well as a polished HTTP Dmail interface to send and receive such messages today. … Dpush google