Computing the Gini Coefficient for Weighted and Negative Attributes (GiniWegNeg)
Computation of the Gini coefficient in the presence of weighted and/or negative attributes. Two different approaches are considered in order to fulfill, in the case of negative attributes, the normalization principle, that is a value of the Gini coefficient bounded into the close range [0,1]. The first approach is based on the proposal by Chen, Tsaur and Rhai (1982) and Berebbi and Silber (1985), while the second approach is based on a recent proposal by Raffinetti, Siletti and Vernizzi (2015). The plot of the curve of maximum inequality, defined in the contribution of Raffinetti, Siletti and Vernizzi (2015), is provided.
R Markdown Format for ‘reveal.js’ Presentations (revealjs)
R Markdown format for ‘reveal.js’ presentations, a framework for easily creating beautiful presentations using HTML.
Solving Mixed Model Equations in R (sommer)
General mixed model equations solver, allowing the specification of variance covariance matrices of random effects and residual structures.