Calculates Study Size Required for Distance Sampling (distance.sample.size)
Calculates the study size (either number of detections, or proportion of region that should be covered) to achieve a target precision for the estimated abundance. The calculation allows for the penalty due to unknown detection function, and for overdispersion. The user must specify a guess at the true detection function.
Build Error Intervals (errint)
Build and analyze error intervals for a particular model predictions assuming different distributions for noise in the data.
A Visual Tool for Behaviour Analysis (ViSiElse)
A graphical tool designed to visualize and to give an overview of behavioural observations realized on individuals or groups. ViSiElse allows visualization of raw data during experimental observations of the realization of a procedure. It graphically presents an overview of individuals and group actions usually acquired from timestamps during video recorded sessions. Options of the package allow adding graphical information as statistical indicators (mean, standard deviation, quantile or statistical test) but also for each action green or black zones providing visual information about the accuracy of the realized actions.