Kantorovich Distance Between Probability Measures (kantorovich)
Computes the Kantorovich distance between two probability measures on a finite set.
Semi-Parametric Stein-Like Estimator with Instrumental Variables (SteinIV)
Routines for computing different types of linear estimators, based on instrumental variables (IVs), including the semi-parametric Stein-like (SPS) estimator, originally introduced by Judge and Mittelhammer (2004) <DOI:10.1198/016214504000000430>.
Java Executable .jar Files for ‘RKEEL’ (RKEELjars)
KEEL is a popular Java software for a large number of different knowledge data discovery tasks. Furthermore, ‘RKEEL’ is a package with a R code layer between R and KEEL, for using KEEL in R code. This package downloads and install the .jar files necessary for ‘RKEEL’ algorithms execution. For more information about KEEL, see <http://…/>.