Testing Workbench for Precision-Recall Curves (prcbench)
A testing workbench for evaluating Precision-Recall curves under various conditions.
Functions for Calculating Ontological Similarities (ontologySimilarity)
Functions for calculating semantic similarities between ontological terms or sets of ontological terms based on term information content and assessing statistical significance of similarity in the context of a collection of sets of ontological terms.
A Code Converter from the Matlab/Octave Language to R (matconv)
Transferring over a code base from Matlab to R is often a repetitive and inefficient use of time. This package provides a translator for Matlab / Octave code into R code. It does some syntax changes, but most of the heavy lifting is in the function changes since the languages are so similar. Options for different data structures and the functions that can be changed are given. The Matlab code should be mostly in adherence to the standard style guide but some effort has been made to accommodate different number of spaces and other small syntax issues. This will not make the code more R friendly and may not even run afterwards. However, the rudimentary syntax, base function and data structure conversion is done quickly so that the maintainer can focus on changes to the design structure.