Bayesian Inference for Discrete Weibull Regression (BDWreg)
A Bayesian regression model for discrete response, where the conditional distribution is modelled via a discrete Weibull distribution. This package provides an implementation of Metropolis-Hastings and Reversible-Jumps algorithms to draw samples from the posterior. It covers a wide range of regularizations through any two parameter prior. Examples are Laplace (Lasso), Gaussian (ridge), Uniform, Cauchy and customized priors like a mixture of priors. An extensive visual toolbox is included to check the validity of the results as well as several measures of goodness-of-fit.
Spatial Two Stage Least Squares Estimation (S2sls)
Fit a spatial instrumental-variable regression by two-stage least squares.
Functions for Visualising Sets of Ontological Terms (ontologyPlot)
Functions for visualising sets of ontological terms using the graphviz layout system.