Group Screening and Selection (grpss)
Contains the tools to screen grouped variables, and select screened grouped variables afterwards. The main function grpss() can perform the grouped variables screening as well as selection for ultra-high dimensional data with group structure. The screening step is primarily used to reduce the dimensions of data so that the selection procedure can easily handle the moderate or low dimensions instead of ultra-high dimensions.
A Framework for Stochastic Disease Spread Simulations (SimInf)
Livestock movements are important for the spread of many infectious diseases between herds. The package provides an efficient and flexible framework for stochastic disease spread modelling that integrates within-herd disease dynamics as continuous-time Markov chains and livestock movements between herds as scheduled events. The core simulation solver is implemented in C and uses ‘OpenMP’ (if available) to divide work over multiple processors. The package contains template models and can be extended with user defined models.
Simple Colour Manipulation (shades)
Functions for easily manipulating colours and creating colour scales.