Adaptive Stochastic Optimization Techniques with Applications provides a single, convenient source for state-of-the-art information on optimization techniques used to solve problems with adaptive, dynamic, and stochastic features. Presenting modern advances in static and dynamic optimization, decision analysis, intelligent systems, evolutionary programming, heuristic optimization, stochastic and adaptive dynamic programming, and adaptive critics, this book:
• Evaluates optimization methods for handling operational planning, Voltage/VAr, control coordination, vulnerability, reliability, resilience, and reconfiguration issues
• Includes mathematical formulations, algorithms for implementation, illustrative engineering examples, and case studies from actual power systems
• Discusses the limitations of current optimization techniques in meeting the challenges of smart electric grids
Adaptive Stochastic Optimization Techniques with Applications describes cutting-edge optimization methods used to address large-scale system problems applicable to power, energy, communications, transportation, and economics.