Floating-Point Genetic Algorithms with Statistical Forecast Based Inheritance Operator (forega)
The implemented algorithm performs a floating-point genetic algorithm search with a statistical forecasting operator that generates offspring which probably will be generated in future generations. Use of this operator enhances the search capabilities of floating-point genetic algorithms because offspring generated by usual genetic operators rapidly forecasted before performing more generations.
Read Fixed Width Format Files Containing Lines of Different Type (multifwf)
Read a table of fixed width formatted data of different types into a data.frame for each type.
Metaheuristic Optimization Framework for Preprocessing Combinations (metaheur)
Automation of preprocessing often requires computationally costly preprocessing combinations. This package helps to find near-best combinations faster. Sub heuristics supported are random and grid restarts, taboo list, decreasing probability for accepting inferior solutions and location of previously best solution candidate is compared to. The package is intended to be used with package ‘preprocomb’ and takes its ‘GridClass’ object as input.