Bayesian Analysis of a Non-Informative Parametrization for Gaussian Mixture Distributions (Ultimixt)
A generic reference Bayesian analysis of unidimensional mixtures of Gaussian distributions obtained by a location-scale parameterisation of the model is implemented. Included functions can be applied to produce a Bayesian analysis of Gaussian mixtures with an arbitrary number of components, with no need to define the prior distribution.
Automatic Differentiation of Multivariate Operations (madness)
An object that supports automatic differentiation of matrix- and multidimensional-valued functions with respect to multidimensional independent variables. Automatic differentiation is via ‘forward accumulation’.
Numeric Extensions for the ‘rebus’ Package (rebus.numbers)
Build regular expressions piece by piece using human readable code. This package contains number-related functionality, and is primarily intended to be used by package developers.