CBA Classifier for R (rCBA)
Provides implementations of rule pruning algorithms based on the ‘Classification Based on Associations’ (CBA). It can be used for building classification models from association rules. Rules are pruned in the order of precedence given by the sort criteria and a default rule is added. CBA was originally proposed by Liu, B. Hsu, W. and Ma, Y (1998). Integrating Classification and Association Rule Mining. Proceedings KDD-98, New York, 27-31 August. AAAI. pp80-86.
Slope Heuristic for Block-Diagonal Covariance Selection in High Dimensional Gaussian Graphical Models (shock)
Block-diagonal covariance selection for high dimensional Gaussian graphical models. The selection procedure is based on the slope heuristics.
Binary Logic (binaryLogic)
Convert to binary numbers (Base2). Shift, rotate, summary. Based on logical vector.