Unicode Extensions for the ‘rebus’ Package (rebus.unicode)
Build regular expressions piece by piece using human readable code. This package contains Unicode functionality, and is primarily intended to be used by package developers.
Perform JIVE Decompositions for Multi-Source Data (r.jive)
Performs the JIVE decompositions on a list of data sets when the data share a dimension, returning low-rank matrices that capture the joint and individual structure of the data. It provides two methods of rank selection when the rank is unknown, a permutation test and a BIC selection algorithm. Also included in the package are three plotting functions for visualizing the variance attributed to each data source: a bar plot that shows the percentages of the variability attributable to joint and individual structure, a heatmap that shows the structure of the variability, and principal component plots.
R Wrapper Around the Telegram Bot API (telegram)
R wrapper around the Telegram Bot API (http://…/api) to access Telegram’s messaging facilities with ease (eg you send messages, images, files from R to your smartphone).